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  • California Labor Commissioner Recovers $282K for Automobile Wash Wage Citations

    The California Labor Commissioner’s Office recovered greater than $282,000 for wage theft violations affecting 22 automotive wash employees in Long Beach, who weren’t paid for the time they were on premises. The employees were reportedly not paid additional time or minimum wages. An investigation into Classic Castle Automobile Wash Inc., which operates Klassic Automobile Wash […]

  • How Does Automotive Financing Affect Your Automotive Insurance?

    Wondering, if automobile financing affect automobile insurance? Buying a automobile on loan is the simplest and the most common solution to purchase a automobile nowadays. But can this decision impact your automobile insurance rates and make it costlier for you? Let’s discover on this blog. Buying and owning a automobile isn’t any longer a dream. […]

  • Roadside Assistance Cover in Automobile Insurance Policy

    What’s a Roadside Assistance Cover in Automobile Insurance Policy? RSA, the total type of which is Roadside Assistance is a canopy that provides relief to the automotive owners in case of breakdown of their vehicle. The coverage can be availed on a mechanical failure of the vehicle at home or on the road. All of […]

  • Automobile Insurance Claim in Total Loss: Things You Need To Know

    Automobile Insurance Claim in Total Loss: Things You Need To Know

    Automobile Insurance Claim in Total Loss Automobile accidents have been on the rise in India over the past few years. Automobile insurance helps to cover up the loss for a damaged automotive. In case your vehicle is severely damaged, you’ll be able to raise a automotive insurance claim under the overall loss category. Nevertheless, often […]

  • Tesla, Other Automobile Makers Have Edge Over Incumbent Auto Insurers: Moody’s

    Tesla and other automobile makers represent a growing threat to incumbent auto insurers, regardless that they’ve little direct impact on the insurance market today, Moody’s Investors Services said. In a report titled, “Tesla’s insurance enterprise puts incumbents under added pressure to innovate,” Moody’s reviews the competitive benefits of Tesla’s insurance business—mainly, the advantage of getting […]