How to Claim Insurance for Bike Accident If Your Friend was Driving?

‘Sharing is caring’, haven’t you heard this a million times? Friends are important and that’s why you share your things with them. How can you say no? After all, friendship means sharing and helping out your friend, isn’t it? What if your friend wants to loan your bike? Do you say no?

Most of you don’t. Especially when your friend has been your rock and very close to you. You let them borrow your bike when they require. Even when you go to a party or a club you choose a designated driver to get you back home when you plan to indulge yourself. What about accidents faced when your friend is driving your two-wheeler? Does your two-wheeler insurance policy cover the losses suffered?

Fortunately, yes it does. Two-wheeler insurance policies in India cover any damages or losses suffered due to the bike when it is being driven by anyone apart from the owner. So, you are assured of the coverage. But this coverage comes with a certain set of rules or, in other words, terms and conditions. If you remember these rules, you can rest assured of complete coverage from your two-wheeler insurance policy. Care to know about them?

Rule # 1 – Your friend must be sober

If you don’t know, accidents or losses suffered when driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not covered by a two-wheeler insurance policy. As much as alcohol might be tempting, make sure your friend is sober when driving the bike. If he causes any accident and is found to be driving under the influence of alcohol, prepare to face the music. Your insurance policy would not pay a single dime in case of a claim and you would be held financially responsible. Would you want that?

Rule # 2 – Your friend should have a valid driving license

This is something which a child also knows. Drivers having a valid driving license are only permitted to drive a vehicle. Your friend borrowing your bike should have one. It should be your responsibility to check your friend’s driving license. After all, in an accident, lack of a driving license would shift the burden on you! So, allow your friend to drive your bike only if he/she has a valid driving license.

Rule # 3 – Your friend should not take your bike outside the geographical borders of India

Two-wheeler insurance policies cover accidents or damages suffered when the bike is driven in India. If your friend wishes to take the bike beyond the Indian borders, your policy would not pay for any damages faced. So, find out the destination your friend is wishing to drive your bike to. Make sure it is not to Nepal, Bhutan or anywhere beyond the Indian borders.

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Share your bike with your friends. There is nothing stopping you. You do not have to worry about the applicability of your two-wheeler insurance policy. It covers damages faced whether driven by you or your friend. Just make sure to keep the above-mentioned pointers in mind and you would not be disappointed.

Choose wisely!

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