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Difference Between Group Mediclaim Vs Group Personal Accident Insurance

Group Mediclaim & Group Personal Accident Insurance – Know All the things

Ever wondered concerning the difference between the Group Mediclaim Policy VS Group Personal Accident Insurance Plan offered by employers? Read on to know the difference between the 2.

Worker satisfaction has turn out to be a key feature of the company world within the last decade. Thus, most businesses give top priority to worker satisfaction through the extensive range of perks and added advantages in order that they may retain their employees within the organization. Amongst the assorted perks offered to employees in most organizations, the Group Mediclaim Policy and the Group Personal Accident Insurance could be very common. Each these plans help the workers with all types of healthcare problems and emergencies to lighten the financial burden of the workers.

Nonetheless, most individuals get confused concerning the two terms. Allow us to get into details of those plans to grasp their difference higher.

What’s Group Mediclaim Policy for Employees?

Group Mediclaim insurance policy for workers is a custom made plan that’s provided to a bunch of individuals with similar perks and advantages. Thus, each member of the plan receives equal benefits in the shape of expenses related to hospitalization, maternity care, OPD expenses and so forth.

What’s Group Personal Accident Insurance?

Group Personal Accident Insurance is a plan that’s custom made to suit the necessities of employees in case of accidents, and accidental injuries. This insurance plan covers the worker regardless of whether he/she is on duty or off,  living within the country on the time of the accident or abroad, etc. The plan includes coverage similar to education cover for 2 dependent children, ambulance charges and several other other add-ons.

Difference between Group Mediclaim Policy and Group Personal Accident Insurance

Each these plans, namely Group Mediclaim Policy and Group Personal Accident Insurance are designed to cater to the precise needs of a bunch of employees. Nonetheless, there are some distinctive differences between the 2 plans as mentioned below:

Categories Group Mediclaim Policy Group Personal Accident Insurance
Basic Purpose To cover the healthcare requirements and related expenses of employees. Customized plans to cover employees against unexpected events like accidents, injuries etc., which could cripple the worker for all times or might result in the death of the person.
Coverage Coverage is prolonged to the family of the worker. Coverage is obtainable against bodily injuries of employees suffered on account of accidents. Or in case of death of the worker.
Limitations The plan doesn’t cover any treatment that is completed outside the geographical limit of the policy. The plan covers treatment regardless of any geographical area.
Advantages The plan advantages employees against the financial expenses incurred due to ailments, injuries, maternity and childcare, and any form of non-fatal mishap. Here, reimbursements are provided in case the worker gets injured or dies in an accident. Also covers the consequential expenses of such injuries.

Detailed understanding of Group Mediclaim Policy

As already discussed, Group Mediclaim policy for workers helps the insured individuals with the expenses of treatment and hospitalization at a really low premium. Hence, these plans are very economical, making them a great selection for the employers.

Listed here are some detailed advantages:

  • Hospitalization costs – This includes the price of staying in hospital, costs of procuring medicine, and other costs levied by the hospital.
  • Pre-Post Hospitalization costs –   Includes the prices incurred for consultation, tests etc. covered under pre-hospitalization in addition to the procedures undertaken during post-hospitalization.
  • Maternity and Child care costs –  The plan features a reimbursement facility for expenses incurred during maternity for female employees. Advantages also include through the stages of prenatal, infancy and postnatal.
  • Covers entire Family – Most organizations cover the members of the family of employees under such plans to permit them prolonged coverage. The members of the family often covered include spouse and youngsters. In some cases cover can also be prolonged to oldsters and in-laws.
  • Can avail cashless hospitalization –  Most insurers under group plans allow cashless hospitalization facility to the workers to profit them further.
  • Day Care Procedure –  Many group plans allow employees to profit from the ability of day care procedures at particular centers or hospitals.
    Top insurers offering Group Mediclaim Policy are:
  • Bajaj Allianz Group Mediclaim Policy
  • Bharti AXA Group Health Insurance
  • IFFCO TOKIO Group Health Insurance
  • MAX Bupa Group Health Insurance etc.

Detailed understanding of Group Personal Accident Insurance

This plan, again, offers substancial coverage and is thought for its 24-hour accident policy that works globally. Listed here are some advantages:

  • In case of death on account of Accidents – If an worker dies on account of an accident, the plan covers the expenses incurred within the treatment of the worker depending on the sum insured of the policy.
  • Worker Disability (total/partial) – The plan offers compensation to employees in case of any disability of total or partial nature.
  • Added advantages – There are lots of additional advantages offered under group plans like transportation and ambulance charges amongst others.
  • Riders – The plans also offer many add-ons or rider facilities that could be availed by the insured or worker under group plans.
  • Dismemberment – The policy covers an worker who loses limbs/eyes etc. in an accident.

A number of the top insurers offering Group Personal Accident Insurance policy are namely:

  • SBI Group personal accident insurance
  • HDFC ERGO Group Personal Accident Insurance Policy
  • Tata AIG Group personal accident insurance
  • IFFCO Tokio Group personal accident insurance etc.

Circumstances under which these plans are usually not applicable

Under some circumstances, these plans may not be applicable. Below are some such situations:

  • If the insured meets with an accident on account of the use of medicine/alcohol.
  • In case of injuries which might be self-inflicted.
  • In case of suicide attempt.
  • If any damage is caused on account of criminal activity,
  • In case the disease is transferred on account of sexual intercourse etc.

Benefits of including Group Insurances by organizations

A bunch plan allows several advantages and securities to individuals of a corporation. Below are some advantages that make them worthwhile for workers and employers alike in a corporation:

  • Reasonably priced and straightforward premiums – Group plans support employees through inexpensive premiums as most of those plans are cost effective as in comparison with individual plans.
  • Reduces financial burden – These plans motivate employees by lowering their financial burden when it comes to healthcare cost of the workers and their members of the family. Thereby they assist to retain employees in a corporation.
  • Tax Advantages – These insurance coverage also offer tax advantages under the Indian Income Tax Act.
  • Quick Settlement – Further, the simple and fast settlement of reimbursement is one other advantage of such a policy. Here, the corporate makes sure that the worker receives compensation immediately for his or her losses.


We imagine the article has helped you understand what’s group personal accident insurance and group mediclaim policy. Each these plans are crafted to suit different worker requirements. The group plans are customized as per the needs of a specific group of employees and help them within the event of sudden accidents or health issues. Thus, each employer in addition to the worker and their families are benefitted under such plans.



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