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Allstate reveals plans to shut center

Allstate is closing down its call center in Chubbuck, ID after the vast majority of its employees selected to work remotely from home.

Constructed in 2011, Allstate’s 78,000-square-foot facility brought between 500 and 600 latest job opportunities to the region when it first opened.

The insurer confirmed the office closure with Idaho County Free Press.

“Allstate’s employees have more selection about where they work and plenty of are selecting to do business from home,” said Allstate representative Tanya Robinson in an email statement. “Because of this, we now not need as much office space and are leaving our office in Chubbuck.”

Allstate Chubbuck office senior leader Rob Corrington also mentioned that despite the positioning closure, Allstate will proceed to deal with Southeast Idaho as a region for its recruiting efforts.

“We’ve found that on this economy our employees are likely to stick around with Allstate longer if we hire from inside this area,” Corrington told Idaho County Free Press.

Idaho County Free Press also reached out to Don Zebe, an actual estate agent with Colliers, who confirmed that he’s working to have the constructing at 4200 Hawthorne Road purchased or leased.

Last month, Allstate revealed in a release that it will raise its auto insurance rates within the months to come back, “in response to inflationary increases to auto insurance severities.” For the reason that start of 2022, the insurer had implemented 64 rate increases averaging about 9.0% across 51 locations.



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